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As the leader of the Ups industry of Turkey, we are mindful of our responsibilities on the way to sustainable development. Our efforts to fulfill our responsibilities to the utmost extent are accompanied by our production technology, the progress we have achieved in energy efficiency, our activities to minimize our environmental impacts, our innovative solutions, recycling needed by user sectors, employment opportunities we provide, and our contribution to the well-being of our employees and the society.
In the frame work of sustainability, We are proud to have achieved the very highest of international standards in ISO9001 Quality Management, ISO14001 Environment Management, ISO18001 Occupational Health & Safety, Local Compliances and continue to implement these practices for the benefit of employees, customers, suppliers and communities the company operate in.
The principles of our policy are as follows;

  • We optimize the eco-efficiency of our products through the product life-cycle. We are committed to the promotion of the recovery, reuse and recycling of steel.
  • We use technology in which minimize the negative the impacts on environment and maintaining natural resources by using raw material efficiently and effectively,
  • We examine and monitor the impact of all our activities in order to maximize our environmental performance,
  • We promote waste minimization and recovery, eliminating and disposing wastes.

    We use such natural resources as raw materials, energy, fuel and water as much efficient as possible.
    We implement technological innovations and focus on R&D efforts that impacts in many aspects the environment:
  • Developing new technologies for clean and renewable energy.
  • Reducing energy consumption by highest possible operation efficiencies ensuring.
  • Better performances than EU Code of Condunct on Energy Efficiency.
  • Compatible UPS systems with today’s Smart Grids which is an electricity distribution system that uses digital technology to eliminate waste, improve reliability and optimizes efficiency of the electric grid.

    We conduct our business with high ethical standards in our dealings with employees, customers, suppliers and the community.
    We foster the well-being of employees in the power industry and provide them with a safe and healthy working environment.

    We disseminate customer-focus throughout the Company with effective communication.
    We operate our businesses in an efficient and financially sustainable way in order to supply power quality products and solutions that satisfy our customer’s needs and provide value to our stakeholders.
    We support innovative and creative corporate culture.